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Our Services

We understand that every customer has different needs and ideas when it comes to your desired steel structure. There are a whole lot of options out there & our job is to inform yet simplify the metal building purchase process for each and every one of our customers. 

We are authorized dealers for many of the top & most reputable steel building manufacturers across the US. We offer top of the line steel buildings & structures made in America using quality components. Our close partnerships with each one of our manufacterers allow us to grant our customers access to each & every one of their products & services. This includes any running promotions, sales and/or current discounts offered.  

We do not simply offer & promote one specific brand of metal buildings & are able to give our customers choices based on their specific needs.    

No middleman markups! All prices are set by the manufacturers and they will not accept orders with price mark-ups. We must price each building according to their exact and specific pricing. So, you can be confident that when purchasing from us, you’re getting the most bang for your buck because not only are you getting the metal building of your dreams, but you also get to take full advantage of our services at no additional costs to you. We know this business inside and out acting as your personal FREE metal building advisers! Get your brand new metal garage or steel pole barn building from SBC today!

The Benefits - What You Get

Everyone knows that when making a large purchase like this that it’s best to do your homework and shop around. Well, coming to us allows you to do that easily as our only job is to inform you on what’s out there and what’s available to you as opposed to pushing you into buying one specific product. Coming to us is essentially the same as going to 8 different companies given that we can provide up to 8 different pricing options depending on how many of our manufacturers service your area. 

The beauty of it is that you do not pay one extra penny for our services. We’re paid a commission by each of our partners when we sell one of their buildings. In other words, if you go straight to the manufacturer you will pay the EXACT SAME PRICE that you would as if you were to purchase that same building from us. However, when purchasing from us you will have been provided a treasure trove of unbiased info. This includes but is not limited to, price comparisons from other local manufacturers, lead-time comparisons, different options offered to meet your specific needs, etc. 

Through us you can buy your metal building quicker, easier and EXACTLY the way that you want it. We get it right the first time every time! You can shop smarter by getting price comparisons and come out feeling like you have done your homework and have chosen your best available option. 

Our Building Specialists

We provide every customer with an experienced Building Specialist who will assist you in the entire process from start to finish. Your Building Specialist will help you in the design your metal building, provide you with price quotes for your design from the manufacturers who service your area, describe the specific benefits of each product available to you and inform you on the variety of options offered by each. 

When available our Building Specialists will also provide you with a "Virtual Build" to go along with your price quote in order to make sure that we're on the same page with the design. These 3D images of your desired building shown at every angle really help to give you an idea of the layout and design. We are VERY EXCITED about our upcoming building configurator that is currently being built and will be released this Spring. It will allow customers' to virtually build and price their own buildings. 

Purchase Process

We streamline the steel building purchase process by handling your entire order so that you only deal with us up until the installation of your metal building. Once you're ready to move forward with your purchase we will together complete the manufacturers purchase order form with your site and building information. You will be required to review and sign the purchase order and then make your 10%-15% down payment. This payment can be made using Paypal or any major credit card. We email you the invoice for the down payment in the form of a Paypal Invoice that has a button to "Pay Now". Once the down payment has been paid we then send your signed order form and placement drawing (window and door placement) into the manufacturer. This locks in your price and allows you to begin your site prep. 

Shortly after we have sent your order form into the manufacturer they will contact you to confirm your order. Depending on whether your site is ready or not (most are not at time of order), their scheduling department will contact you to work out an install date and time. Most of these buildings can be installed in just a few hours. Larger buildings and buildings with lean-to's might take a few  days. 

You will inform us at time of order placement if your site is ready or not. If your site is ready (level within 3”, clear of obstacles, etc) your order will go straight to their scheduling dept. after it is processed.  If your site is not ready at time of order (most common) your order will essentially go on “hold” until you contact us or the manufacturer letting them know that your site is ready. All estimated lead-times provided start from the day that your site is ready.

 Your remaining balance due is to be paid to the installation crew on your scheduled day of installation. Methods of payments accepted varies per manufacturer and will be specified on your order form. Financing is available. If interested in our financing options please see the “Financing” section of this site for more information. 


Most of our partnered manufacturers have a number of factories strategically located throughout the US. Each of them have their own installation crews who solely work for the manufacturers.  Their only job day-in and day-out is to deliver and erect these buildings. They are truly amazing at what they do!

All of the buildings that we sell come with FREE DELIVERY & SET-UP by an experienced installation crew. By "set-up" we are referring to the actual erecting of your building from start to finish including anchoring it to your level site. The metal is measured and pre-cut at the factory closest to your location. This allows for easy quick install on your level site.

All that we require for install is a level site within 3". We do not require a concrete slab or permanent foundation and that is completely up to the customer. We can install right on the ground as long as it is level. Unfortunately, we do not offer concrete work so this must be purchased separately. 

Installation Surface Examples:

Concrete Slab


Gravel or crusher run


Install over existing surface (fees apply) such as a your deck

Permanent foundation

Ground install with cement piers or concrete footings

* Please note that freight charges may apply for larger commercial sized clear span buildings depending on the location and manufacturer used.

Building Permits & Local Codes

We do not require a building permit to purchase from us. It is up to the customer to determine whether or not you plan to get a permit. It is also the customer's responsibility to obtain & inform us of your local wind and snow loads so that we can price accordingly. A simple call to your local city/county building dept. can provide you with your required loads.

 Before requesting a price and placing an order, customers must check with their local permit office to find out the requirements in their area and are responsible for informing us of those requirements. Although we build and price to meet MOST local codes, It is just not possible for us to know every code in every single possible location. There is no database that exists providing codes for an entire city/county as sometimes there are large elevation differences within a single city so wind and snow loads vary and are determined by exact site address. It is equally important to double check the measurements, as we are only able to design and price with the information that is provided to us by the customer.

Higher snow loads require more trusses and/or braces and higher wind loads require more anchors and bracing so knowing your load requirements is crucial to getting an accurate price as well as a quality building. Regardless on if you're planning on getting a permit or not we still want to build your building to meet your local wind and snow load requirements. If you plan on getting a permit than certification is required in order to meet your local code requirements.

Most certified building orders come with a free set of engineered generic drawings. All orders come with a free slab detail and ground/site prep checklist. All of these items will be provided to you upon request by the manufacturer once your down payment has been placed and your order has been sent in. 

Some cities/counties will require site and building specific drawings in order to obtain a building permit. These are available from the each of our manufacterers at an additional cost. Specific drawings must be ordered and paid for separately and directly though the manufacterer. We cannot order them for you nor can we accept any payments for drawings.